Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

MED-CONNECT, a division of MED-BAY has agreed to perform digital marketing services commencing today for [customer], terminating by one month’s written notice to MED-BAY. [customer] hereby authorises and gives full permission to MED-BAY to do the following on various online channels for [customer] during the agreed contract period.

Services Offered


  • Become the content custodian of your Instagram & Facebook page
  • Post weekly content on the client practice Facebook page & Instagram page – minimum of 2 updates per week, and sometimes 2-3 updates if there are other things to be communicated.
  • Graphic design, copywriting, content upload – pictures, videos and other audio-visual elements
  • Boost our Facebook and Instagram posts up to R500, which gets deducted from the subscription fee.
  • Moderating of comments and replying to social queries to be handled by [customer] front line staff. With your guidance, we will either direct engagement to your website, an email address or social media messenger chats.


  • Create content, copy & collate visuals for max 8-page SEO optimised website
  • Register a new domain or assist with moving current domain DNS records to our ISP.
  • Page hosting (not mandatory), subject to annual renewal fee 1 year after initial sign up. We will notify you when your website domain is due for renewal, and should you wish to continue hosting through our provider, we will add a bolt on service to your subscription.
  • Pictures: All pictures from events, products pictures, etc.
  • Videos: All videos from events, product showcase videos, etc.
  • Event details: Any and all event details in advance so that we can update the fan page and create an event.
  • Patient cases: high res (at least 1MB per image) of before / during (if applicable) and after treatment or happy patient photographs. NOTE THAT WE MAY ONLY PUBLICISE PATIENTS WHOM HAVE GIVEN YOU PERMISSION TO MARKET THEIR CASES.
  • Details of Facebook & Instagram logins: All the login details for social media sites that already exist.
  • Previously used promotional material, posters, ads, magazine ads, and other promotional material so that we have a good idea of the branding look and feel.
  • Brand manual or any existing logo guidelines: A copy of any brand manual or guideline manual if it exists.
  • High resolution logo.
  • And any other important information and newsworthy items for the brand that can be shared with the online community.
  • Please ensure that you take the time at the end of each month to collaborate and share with us as much relevant news, new business objectives, new staff, business expansions, new accreditations, new technology or services, news and your marketing aspirations so that we can creative relevant and contextual content outputs for you.


  1. Payment. Client will pay the total amount owed to Agency within the notice period. 
  2. Termination by Agency. Agency may reject any advertising order and/or immediately terminate this Agreement upon notice to Client for any of the following reasons:  (a) if Client fails to make payment by the date specified in Agency’s invoice; (b) if Client fails to perform any obligations of this Agreement; (c) if a petition in bankruptcy or for reorganization under the bankruptcy or insolvency laws is filed against Client; (d) if Client ceases doing business or Agency believes Client is likely to cease doing business; or (e) in the opinion of Agency, the credit of Client is impaired.  If this Agreement is terminated for any of these reasons, Client will remain liable for the lesser of the short rate or volume advertising requirement.
  3. Termination by Client. Client may cancel their subscription with a one-month written notice period. All login details and digital assets will be handed over to Client on expiry or early termination of this contract and posting to cease from the last day of partnership, provided that all outstanding amounts have been settled in full, including funds due for the subscription during the month of termination.
  4. Client represents and warrants that it owns or licenses all rights necessary in any content supplied by or through Client for the publication, distribution, and other uses anticipated or permitted under this Agreement.  Client and/or advertising agency signatory to this Agreement agrees to hold Agency harmless and indemnify Agency from any and all claims, suits, damages, and expenses of any nature whatsoever, including attorney’s fees, for which Agency may become liable because of (a) Agency’s distribution or publication of Client’s advertising; (b) any content provided by or through Client, or (c) Client’s unauthorised publication or distribution of advertising owned by Agency.
  5. Production Errors.Client may not claim a breach, terminate or cancel this Agreement if advertising copy is incorrect or contains errors of any kind, or because of a failure to publish, insert, or disseminate any advertising nor is Agency liable to Client for any loss or damage that results there from.  Agency agrees to run corrective advertising for that portion of the first publication, insertion, or dissemination which may have been rendered valueless by error, unless such error arose after the advertisement had been confirmed by Client or Client submitted the advertisement after deadline.  Any claim for adjustment due to errors must be made within the time period stated on the applicable rate card or, if none, within thirty-six (36) hours after dissemination.  Credit for errors in advertising will not exceed the cost of the space occupied by such error, and will not exceed the percentage of incorrect preprint or digital advertising delivered or viewed. 
  6. Neither party may use in any manner, nor allow third parties to use in any manner, advertising copy owned by the other party in any other advertising medium without the owning party’s written consent. All website assets will remain the ownership of the Agency
  7. Assignment. Client may not assign its social marketing or this Agreement to third parties during the period of this Agreement.
  8. Advertising Content. Agency may reject or edit at any time any of Client’s advertising.  All advertising positions are at the option of Agency, unless a particular position is purchased by Client.  Failure to meet position requests will not constitute cause for adjustment, refund, rerun, termination or cancellation of the Agreement.
  9. Excusable Delays.Agency will not be liable for any damages related to delay or inability to perform outputs due to causes beyond its control or in the case where client has not provided the necessary information or approval required by the Agency to fulfil its contractual obligations.


NOTE: All materials given to the Agency such as brochures, audio, videos, photos, etc, will only be used for promotional purposes. It will not be used for any other purposes in any shape or form and will be deleted if & when required. All client information will be treated as confidential and proprietary in nature and will not be used by MED-BAY for any other purposes besides using the materials to promote the client on social media and digital platforms.


  • Our payment is operated on a subscription basis, billed on the 1st of every month for the month ahead to ensure that we have funds available during the course of the month to mobilise your paid for social ads.  
  • Please kindly sign up for the debit order platform at https://www.med-bay.comAny unsuccessful debit orders should be rectifying as soon as possible to reinstate services
  • Should a debit order remain unpaid for 2 weeks, the partnership will formally pause until payment is reinstated for the new month